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Melbourne  Functional  Medicine
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With our team approach, we actively support you throughout your health journey, so you don’t have to change alone.

Melbourne Functional Medicine

Cutting edge medical research with a holistic, systemic approach to identify the underlying root causes of disease and biochemical imbalances in your body.

Imagine viewing a tree; Functional Medicine allows you to view the entire tree: the trunk, branches, leaves, and roots, where the conventional medicine model tends to focus overly on one branch. We approach your health like the tree, comprehensively analysing all systems, not just the area of complaint. This enables us to account for the many layers of interconnected complexity; a more effective way to view disease and health

We take what is complex and simplify it; empowering you to heal

At Melbourne Functional Medicine we use cutting edge medical research combined with a holistic, systemic approach to provide a framework for identifying the underlying root causes of disease and biochemical imbalances in your body.

The perfect marriage of science, and lifestyle-based health care.

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Addressing the cause of your specific conditions and bringing you back into balance.

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