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The following are not so much testimonials, as Case Studies so you can get an idea of how we work.

These case studies are from real patients (names changed to protect identity) to demonstrate the way we work so you can be confident we are the right fit for you.


Joanne came to Melbourne Functional Medicine with a goodie bag of health worries. She was chronically fatigued and struggled to push through her training commitments, she had bloating, anxiety and sleeping problems. Joanne felt wound up and under energised.

In working with Jabe they were able to identify a number of important lifestyle choices that were compounding her symptoms. Jabe prescribed a specific nutrition protocol to address her underlying digestive issues and to support her energy levels. Bee came on to support Joanne in a health coaching role and developed a tailored meal plan for Joanne with recipes, a shopping list and had a number of phone conversations with Joanne to ensure she understood the protocol and felt confident.

Within two weeks Joanne reported (excitedly) that by eating more regularly and making congruent food choices her energy levels had skyrocketed.

Her training had improved and her friends and family were all commenting on her elevated energy and attitude.

Her bloating had also resolved. When talking with Bee she seemed most excited by the absence of anxiety.

This alone can be a taxing and socially alienating experience so to overcome this so quickly was valuable.



At MFM we’ve worked hard to overcome any possible roadblocks for patients. Part of this solution involves an app that we ask patients to join us on so we can monitor their nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep and other critical trackers. Not only do we get to see how you’re tracking, we can seamlessly communicate with each other as an extra (and very efficient) channel of support. Tony (not his real name) came to see Jabe as he’s in training to participate in a marathon and he needed some guidance around energy metabolism, athletic programming and nutrition to support him in his training. He said this about the support he receives through the Nudge app

“…it’s great – pretty sure it got me started back, not sure I would have without it. It’s not the app that gets me, it’s the app, combined with knowing who is at the other end of it, plus having an appointment booked for another catch up – those three together keep me really honest – cheers”.

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