Looking for an experienced, trusted Naturopath in Albert Park?

Our Naturopaths in Albert Park aim to identify the root cause of your symptoms and provide you with evidence-based natural treatment to improve your health.

As well as being practicing Naturopaths, our practitioners are trained in Functional Medicine, enabling them to adopt a highly personalised and integrated approach to your health concerns that seeks to address the underlying causes of disease, rather than just treating an isolated set of symptoms. 

The functional medicine difference

Functional Medicine Albert Park

Functional Medicine is a comprehensive, scientific and person-centred approach to health that aims to understand the whole person rather than isolated systems of the body.

The Naturopaths at Melbourne Functional Medicine near Albert Park will seek to identify and understand any root causes or factors that may be contributing to your health concerns. We have built a 6-month program using this integrative approach to help you reach your health goals. Here’s what’s included:

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult

4-hour initial consult

It takes time to get to know you and explore and understand your whole health picture.

This is why your functional medicine naturopath will spend 4 hours with you investigating a range of factors that could be contributing to your health condition. They will start to build a profile of factors such as your genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment and others.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support

6-months high contact support

As you work towards your health goals, your practitioner and your personal health coach will work with you for six months to give you all the support you need to get better.

You will have as many sessions with your practitioner and your health coach as you need to get well again, for the program duration.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing

Functional pathology testing

Your practitioner may recommend comprehensive testing to help uncover the root cause (or causes) of your health concerns.

We have access to the world's best pathology labs and can test for a range of factors such as pathogens, hormones, genetics, nutrient status and more.

Digestive health, thyroid health, skin health, women’s health, IBS Treatment Albert Park

Our Functional Medicine Naturopaths in Albert Park can help with a range of chronic health conditions.

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Our unique program achieves incredible results for patients with a range of conditions. See what they say about their experience with Melbourne Functional Medicine below.


What is the difference between Naturopathy and Functional Medicine?

There are many similarities between naturopathy and functional medicine, with one main distinction being that training in naturopathy, and the modalities practiced within naturopathy, can vary greatly, leading to inconsistency in the quality of practice, and outcome for patients. 

While some naturopaths will treat with non-evidence-based techniques, our functional medicine naturopaths only employ those validated by science, so you don’t have to take anything on faith. In addition to the above, rather than being a modality, functional medicine is a methodology. It’s a way of approaching healthcare in a deeply investigative way, using the most current health understandings and assessments to truly solve a person’s health issues rather than manage them. 

Like in Naturopathy, functional medicine practitioners recognise that illness is largely caused by diet, lifestyle and the environment, so our functional medicine naturopaths focus largely on addressing these factors in their treatment plans.

So when it comes to sourcing an expert in Naturopathy in Melbourne, you can trust our functional medicine naturopaths. They’ll give you the clarity you need on your health through investigation so you can be well again.

Why are your practitioners known as the best naturopaths in Melbourne?

Not only are our Melbourne based naturopaths trained to the highest standards in naturopathy in Australia, they are trained in Functional Medicine, giving them a deeper level of expertise in chronic disease and healthcare that few practitioners in Melbourne or Australia possess. 

In addition to the experience our practitioners have, our unique healthcare model brings you a truly personalised, supportive healthcare experience designed with results in mind. Your healthcare team will be with you every step of the way of your health journey, and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to solving your health issues and getting back to you.

So if you’re looking for the best that a holistic approach like naturopathy can offer, with the added benefit of the deeply investigative approach of functional medicine and the high level of ongoing support from a health coach, book a call with Melbourne Functional Medicine today to take the first step towards better health.

I’m looking for a naturopath near me - where are your Melbourne Naturopaths located?

Our functional medicine naturopathic clinic is located in the lovely beachside suburb of South Melbourne, conveniently located near Melbourne city, with the benefits of ample parking. We have patients coming all across Melbourne to see us, and for those who would rather save on traveling, we also offer remote telehealth consultations, so you can have your naturopathy sessions from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in Melbourne.

I’m looking for an online naturopath, do you work online?

Yes, our team all work remotely if needed, so you’ll be able to have consultations with your functional medicine naturopath online. We usually recommend that the initial 4-hour consultation happens in person vs online, however if you prefer an online consultation, we’ll happily organise that for you. 

How can I find out more about your healthcare program?

If you’re curious about investing in your health with us, click the appropriate condition category below to find out more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to the team directly – we’ll be happy to assist.

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The Naturopaths at Melbourne Functional Medicine excel at treating chronic health issues through taking a science and evidence-based approach with a logical and highly informed case taking and information gathering. A good health practitioner looks at the whole body and acts as a detective, linking together all the information to 'solve' the case. This critical thinking is what sets Melbourne Functional Medicine apart as a functional medicine naturopath near Albert Park, Melbourne.

Melbourne Functional Medicine is located within close proximity to Albert Park, Melbourne at 186 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne.

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