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Jabe Brown is the Naturopath Moonee Ponds residents can rely on for comprehensive holistic treatments that address their whole health. Located just 20 minutes away in Port Melbourne, Jabe Brown and the Melbourne Functional Medicine team are here to provide clarity and guidance to address your health problems and imbalances. Read on for more information about our Naturopath Near Moonee Ponds.

Addressing Core Clinical Imbalances

Functional Medicine Moonee Ponds

With a master’s qualification in Functional Medicine, Jabe Brown follows a unique, holistic model to identify and resolve not just your symptoms, but the cause of your problems. Functional Medicine combines science-based research and lifestyle-led healthcare in order to provide sustainable, lasting solutions. To learn more about Functional Medicine in Moonee Ponds, view the Functional Medicine Tree and see how the fundamental systems of your lifestyle coexist and interact to affect your health.

To embark on their Functional Medicine journey, Moonee Ponds residents can visit us in Port Melbourne today.

Relief for Anxiety, IBS, and More

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Anxiety, IBS Treatment Moonee Ponds

Melbourne Functional Medicine’s model for healthcare recognises that the underlying cause of your symptoms may not be as immediately obvious as you think. For example, while we may look at your gut health to provide IBS treatment, the same microbiome imbalances may be responsible for stress, depression, and anxiety treatment. Similarly, the seemingly everyday symptoms you are experiencing may be associated with thyroid imbalance, or adrenal fatigue, which require dietary and lifestyle adjustments to address.

The team at Melbourne Functional Medicine also realise that it isn’t always easy to make big changes alone. Our approach is unique as it is the beginning of a partnership with our naturopath and life coach; a partnership that supports you and puts you back in control of your health.

Learn more about our healthcare model here.

Treating the Person, Not the Symptoms

Naturopathic Medicine Moonee Ponds

With our approach to Naturopathic Medicine, Moonee Ponds residents will be assisted through a combination of evidence-based treatments, natural health knowledge, western herbal medicine, and nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Fundamental to our approach is the knowledge that the nature of your health is deeply connected, meaning a holistic system for naturopathic medicine is required.

To learn more about Naturopathic Medicine near Moonee Ponds, connect with our team today.

We serve patients from across all of Melbourne, from suburbs such as Moonee Ponds, in our Port Melbourne clinic.

Want a trusted healthcare provider with a high success rate? Discover why our approach is a cut above the rest.


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