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Are you looking for a Functional Medicine Naturopath near you in Port Melbourne? Jabe Brown from Melbourne Functional Medicine specialises in digestive conditions (particularly IBS) and adrenal fatigue; providing holistic solutions that address both your symptoms and the cause of your problems.

Jabe is a fully qualified Naturopath who also holds a Masters in Functional Medicine. He has completed comprehensive ongoing training through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and he is the host of popular health podcast, Vitality Hackers. Consulting with patients in Port Melbourne, Richmond, Moonee Ponds, Malvern, Yarraville, and Hawthorn, Jabe specialises in treating conditions that commonly defy diagnosis and treatment.

From Irritable Bowel Syndrome to adrenal related anxiety, Jabe is the Naturopath Port Melbourne can turn to for assistance with cases that have been difficult to treat in the past. Our Naturopath in Port Melbourne specialises in cases of leaky gut, coeliac disease, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, parasites, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), functional dyspepsia, reflux, heartburn, and more.

While Naturopathy and Functional Medicine are sometimes considered alternative or supplementary treatments, Jabe prides himself on providing evidence-based answers that make sense for your health concerns. In fact, Functional Medicine employs a holistic, all-encompassing approach that truly considers the whole body, rather than just one set of symptoms.

As well a Functional Medicine Naturopath in Port Melbourne, the team at Melbourne Functional Medicine provide impactful, complementary services from our Health Coach, Bee Pennington. Our wellness coaching is integrated into our service offering at no extra cost because of the outstanding results it has provided to our many patients.

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To get a better idea of the work we do and the effective treatments we provide, explore some of our internal resources below. Our Naturopath in Port Melbourne can assist you with:

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, our wellness coach and Functional Medicine Naturopath in Port Melbourne both believe that there is always an answer to health complaints. The key is getting the right information and asking the right question. Whether you’re in Port Melbourne, Moonee Ponds or Yarraville, you can book an appointment at Melbourne Functional Medicine to start finding answers.

If you’re looking for evidence-based answers to your health concerns, choose Jabe Brown and Melbourne Functional Medicine. Jabe Brown and the team at Melbourne Functional Medicine can be found near you. Visit us today at 81 Raglan St. Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 or call us on 1300 614 814.

Curious to find out more about Functional Medicine and the treatments and philosophies Jabe follows? Before you make an appointment, have a listen to his VitalityHackers.com podcast.

Want a trusted healthcare provider with a high success rate? Discover why our approach is a cut above the rest.

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Address: 81 Raglan St. Port Melbourne.

For personalised care, effective treatments and leading advice, Residents from all across Melbourne including from areas like RichmondMoonee PondsMalvernHawthornYarraville and more trust only a qualified naturopath at Melbourne Functional Medicine.

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