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Are you looking for a Naturopath in Richmond? At Melbourne Functional Medicine, Jabe Brown is the principal Naturopath who will work you to identify and resolve your health issues. Providing clarity and solutions through a holistic approach to health, Jabe loves solving health problems that seem unsolvable. To speak with a professional who views your health as a whole – not just a set of symptoms, contact our Naturopath in Richmond or near you.

Our unique and effective model addresses issues such as adrenal fatigue, IBS treatment, and anxiety.

The Functional Medicine Difference

Functional Medicine Richmond

As well as being a practicing Naturopath, Jabe also holds a Masters in Functional Medicine, and he integrates the philosophies and techniques of Functional Medicine into all of his work. Handing the power back to you, Functional Medicine in Richmond combines evidence-based treatments with a comprehensive, holistic approach in order to identify and address imbalances in your body.

Jabe has completed extensive training at the Institute for Functional Medicine and continues to expand his knowledge in order to provide the most comprehensive Functional Medicine treatments Richmond has to offer.

Optimising Your Whole Health

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Anxiety; IBS Treatment Richmond

Melbourne Functional Medicine’s unique and comprehensive healthcare model combines Jabe’s experience in Functional Medicine and Naturopathy with the practical, ongoing support of health coach Bee Pennington.

When you partner with Melbourne Functional Medicine, you will always be supported on your journey to greater health. Some of the ways we can assist patients include:

  • By addressing your gut health and microbiome in order to provide holistic IBS treatments, as well as assistance with brain fog, headaches, acne, and more.
  • By addressing adrenal fatigue and dysfunction, we can help to address weight gain, inflammatory conditions, as well as anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and more.
  • By determining the cause of your thyroid imbalance, we can help to resolve the cause of your thyroid issues, as well as symptoms related to overactive and underactive thyroid.

Want a trusted healthcare provider with a high success rate? Discover why our approach is a cut above the rest.

Your Guide to Good Health

Naturopathic Medicine Richmond

Jabe Brown’s approach to Naturopathic Medicine is evidence-based, holistic, and driven by the principles and practices of Functional Medicine. Examining the complex interrelationships that affect your health, Jabe can work with you to restore your health and resolve the symptoms that have been affecting your day-to-day living for far too long. For a comprehensive approach to Naturopathic Medicine, Richmond patients should partner with Melbourne Functional Medicine. We are proud to do things differently, and our results speak for themselves.

For more information about Jabe Brown’s approach to Functional and Naturopathic Medicine in Richmond, listen to his popular health podcast, Vitality Hackers. Melbourne Functional Medicine is located nearby to Richmond, with a clinic on Raglan Street in Port Melbourne.

We serve patients from across all of Melbourne, from suburbs such as Richmond, in our Port Melbourne clinic.

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