Are you like me when it comes to eating out? I'll go out and have an amazing meal and thoroughly enjoy it and the next time I'm trying to think of somewhere to go....blank. Nothing!

I'm the same with movies - I'll get excited to watch a movie and then halfway through realise that I've already seen it (twice). Eeeeek!

So if you're watching what you eat (and hopefully how you eat it) you might be excited to read this because I'm going to give you a juicy list of my 10 FAVE Melbourne-based healthy eating restaurants and cafes.

Healthy eating Melbourne - top places to eat in Melbourne

My 'go-to' places can all cater for Coeliacs but will often have a healthy lean as well if gluten isn't your main food focus. This list is made up of places I go because I'm not super comfy recommending places I haven't yet explored. If you have a favourite foodie hang you'd like to share we would LOVE to hear all about it - just send an email with the details so we can spread the word -

Seedling - 275 Flinders Lane, City,

Patch - 1/32 Bendigo Street. Richmond,

Uncommon Food - 60 Chapel St, Windsor,

Feast Of Merit - 117 Swan St, Richmond,

Healthy Self - 26 Ballarat Street, Yarraville,

Serotonin Eatery - 52 Madden Grove, Burnley,

Laneway Greens - Shop 2, 242 Flinders Lane Melbourne,

Shoku Iku - 120 High Street, Northcote,

Thrive - The Emporium,

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