Before proceeding to book online…

Before you go ahead and make a booking to work with us, we want to be crystal clear about what our service offering is. We want to be sure that we’re a good fit for you, and that you’re a good fit for us.

Our mission is to deliver you clarity on the root cause of your health issues, and give you an evidence-based health plan, plus ongoing support so you can achieve real, lasting results. These types of results take time, which is why we work with you for six months, at minimum, so you feel supported throughout your health journey and achieve what you set out to do.

We believe you can’t place a value on good health. This is why we offer a high value, high-touch service, that includes as many appointments with your functional medicine practitioner AND highly bespoke ongoing health coaching to help you be your healthiest self.

Ongoing practitioner support, combined with health coaching, is the magic in our method that helps us deliver outstanding results and rave reviews on Google.

As a results-oriented practice, it’s important that we work with the right people. When you work with us, we’re committed to helping you achieve your health goals, and will fully support you throughout your health journey. In turn, we ask that you too are committed.

  • We don’t work with people who aren’t ready to change, or who want a magic fix… we’re not magicians!

  • We work only with those who want to be highly involved in their own health journey, and are ready to make change happen.

If you’re ready to change and get the results you want, then we’re excited to work with you, and look forward to seeing you in clinic soon!

Click the button below to join our program and book your initial consultation with your practitioner, Jabe. One of our team will be in touch within the next business day to say hello, confirm your details, take your deposit and discuss payment options.