Health coaching

Energy credit

Recently I did something that felt amazing. I sat at my kitchen table and wanted to squeal with delight – you know, that feeling when you’re so excited you can’t contain yourself? But I was alone and that felt weird so instead I just enjoyed the buzz. In front of me lay one pair of …

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Composition frame

My favourite reframe

About a year ago I did a positive parenting course – being a single mum to a powerful tween I felt there were areas I could strengthen in my parenting game before things got too hairy. It turned out to be a wonderful course and as far as takeaways go, I got plenty. Like with …

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Why mindful eating matters

When it comes to healthy digestion, what does your environment, mindset and the way that you perceive and consume your food have to do with it? A lot, it turns out. We all have an autonomic nervous system. Autonomic meaning self-governing/autonomous. What we know about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is that we don’t consciously …

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