Immune health webinars

Webinar 1: Four ways to strengthen your immunity

Our founder Jabe Brown shares the latest insights on the coronavirus, answers some interesting questions around ways to reduce infection transmission, plus four key strategies to consider when looking to strengthen your immune system and boost your resilience to infections of any kind.

Webinar 2: Stress, the immune-compromised and homemade immune supporting remedies

Practitioner Rebecca Hughes and Health Coach Char Harvey discuss various strategies to boost your immunity and support your health and well-being during the covid-19 health pandemic. They cover topics such as:

  • What you can do if you’re immune compromised to protect yourself from covid-19
  • Some simple strategies to manage stress
  • Fun ways to stay connected with people during social isolation
  • Immune supporting strategies for people with autoimmune diseases
  • How to cultivate healthy strategies rather than fall back on unhealthy vices
  • How to manage mild covid-19 infections using remedies at home

Webinar 3: Underlying conditions, inflammation and immune health

Practitioners Jabe Brown and Rebecca Hughes discuss how inflammation & underlying health conditions can influence your immune system, and how focusing on the four pillars of health can improve your health.

Webinar 4: Strategies for adapting to your new normal while maintaining your health and well-being

Principal health coach Bee Pennington shares strategies, and answers your questions, on how to adapt to living in our current "new normal" while maintaining your health and well-being. Bee tackles challenges such as how to stick to healthy habits, how to manage interacting with others at home with regards to your health goals, and even some ideas on how to manage kids!

Here are the resources Bee mentions in the webinar:

Permission to feel podcast episode - Brene Brown's new podcast episode on emotional intelligence

Emotional eating podcast episode - Matty Lansdown's podcast episode on emotional eating

Positive Parenting Solutions course - a course in effective communication with kids

Byron Katie's The Work - for managing perceptions of the world and beliefs you hold

Plus: Ben Greenfield Fitness - How to Biohack your Morning Routine (and more)

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