Jabe Brown - Functional Medicine Practitioner

BHSc (Nat), MSc (Nut & Fx-Med), BComm, AFMCP

Jabe is the Founder and a Functional Medicine Practitioner at Melbourne Functional Medicine.

With a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and ongoing training through The Institute for Functional Medicine, Jabe stays at the forefront of the most recent health research, and is passionate about sharing this information and empowering his patients.

Jabe believes healthcare should be evidence and results based, and focused on addressing the most underlying issues. To this aim, Jabe works by taking a thorough case, using the latest available testing techniques. He has a particular interest in treating Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and digestive conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, and autoimmunity.

In this interview, Jabe shares why he became a practitioner, his vision for transforming healthcare and why people often make mistakes when trying to improve their health.

“I believe that we're a combination of what we eat and how we live. So I expect to be able to help someone with their health challenges… there's ALWAYS an answer! In fact, I help people get answers where they previously haven’t, because I'm a puzzle solver. When we crack their puzzle, my patients finally understand their own health picture enough to influence their own behaviours and get their health back on track.”

In my consultations, you'll gain a clarity of understanding about your health, making any mystery and frustration disappear. As a practitioner, I put the power back in YOUR hands… and that’s exactly what I'll do with you!

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Jabe and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

Jabe and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

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