Kaitlin Little - Marketing Assistant / Clinic Support

Bsc. Exercise and Sports Nutrition

After earning her degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Kaitlin applied her knowledge of human movement and exercise therapy in the rehabilitation space, before entering the world of education to empower and support younger generations to lead healthy, active lifestyles. 

While teaching abroad, Kaitlin began channeling her passion for health and wellbeing into marketing and communications. Now with her feet firmly on the ground in Melbourne, she supports both marketing and clinic support teams at Melbourne Functional Medicine.

Part social media whizz, part clinic sidekick - you might find Kaitlin on reception, fetching supplements, or busily working behind the scenes writing the next monthly newsletter as well as sharing the latest science-backed research on social media. 



Kaitlin Little Marketing Assistant and Clinic Support

Kaitlin says:

Education is a powerful medium for empowering, supporting and achieving change, especially when it comes to taking control of our health. My goal at Melbourne Functional Medicine is to share our personalised, revolutionary approach to healthcare with as many people as possible. We all deserve to be the healthiest version of ourselves, and that starts with education.

Our approach to your healthcare is a cut above the rest.

Your healthcare team is ready to help you get your health back.

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