Liv Brown - Health Coach

Cert 3. Health & Wellness Coaching, B.Bus.

Liv has a strong desire to support people through change and evolving to their best self. No stranger to the realities of modern life, she openly confesses being someone who epitomised 'Rushing Woman's Syndrome'.  After spending 15 years in corporate life as a senior marketer it was stress-triggered health challenges, family priorities and a yearning for change led her to leave her job, driven by a desire to heal herself and help others in a more profound way using her lived experience.

Inspired by the science that shows how the body can heal itself, her curiosity around functional medicine was piqued. She was personally drawn to find gentler lifestyle habits for mind and body to incorporate into her life as a more sustainable, medication-free solution to see her body get back to optimum health.

After working in a wellness-focused start-up, she certified as a Level 3 Coach from Health & Wellness Coaching Australia and now draws on her past experience and studies in human psychology together with her personal values around health, to work alongside others who are striving for a better version of themselves. She believes harnessing the psychology of change, micro-habits and being truly heard are some of the most powerful gifts coaching offers.

With special interests in stress, sleep, motherhood and living a life in alignment, Liv loves to learn the latest research in these areas so she can best support her patients.

"Remember that whatever your definition of success in life, you can only enjoy it fully and for longer when your health is the best it can be."

liv brown health coach

Our approach to your healthcare is a cut above the rest.

Our approach to your healthcare is a cut above the rest.

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