Matty Lansdown - Health Coach

B.FSc Nut Thr

Matty Lansdown is a Scientist, Nutritional Therapist, International Speaker, Health Coach, and has been passionately working in the health industry for 10 years. Working as a scientist in disease research, coupled with having a loved one suffering from multiple complex health concerns that couldn't be resolved via conventional methods, motivated Matty to look outside the box for answers, leading him towards functional medicine and functional nutrition.

It was this journey that drove Matty to become a health coach; learning, from his career and within his family, that recovery and healing is possible if you focus on the cause of the problem rather more so than the symptoms.

With a full grasp of the functional approach to healthcare, and understanding that to transform our health we must make changes in our daily habits, Matty began his health coaching career helping people make practical and necessary changes to prevent and heal their bodies from illness and disease.

Matty Lansdown Health Coach

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