Our Model of Health Care

At Melbourne Functional Medicine we see health differently.

With years of experience in working with complex health cases, our Principal Functional Medicine Practitioner Jabe Brown, has found that traditionally where many patients have the most difficulty, is not with the consultation experience and treatment strategy, but in the actual, practical implementation of the recommendations that follow.

What we see in clinic, is that beyond the knowledge and treatment plan, it is the implementation of the lifestyle, dietary and supplementary factors that actually gets the results for patients. We understand that change is a difficult thing for many people, and so we provide an extraordinary amount of support to all of our patients, in the form of Health Coaching. We know that execution trumps knowledge every time, and with that in mind, have a remarkable, sticky, supportive model of care.

Melbourne Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Coaching

Melbourne Functional Medicine health care flow

We work with patients in a very ‘team-centric’ way. You, your practitioner and your health coach all come on board and work closely together to get you results. It’s an exciting model to be a part of!

It all begins with you. Your initial consultation is scheduled for up to three and a half hours in which time your practitioner investigates to establish a treatment plan, but more importantly, an assessment and understanding of exactly what factors have led you to this point. Clarity is our first priority and it’s equally important for both you and your practitioner.

Health coaching is immediately implemented and is tailored for you. Bee Pennington works with you in person, by Skype, by phone and also through a series of technologies to ensure you’re best able to make any necessary changes. This coaching model ends confusion, provides accountability for those that need it and ensures confidence when navigating health changes.

When you sign up to work with us your health coaching is an integral part of the package – there are no extra fees.

Your detailed history combined with strategically chosen labs that allows us to make a comprehensive, customized treatment plan.

The genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that all have a direct influence health and chronic illnesses are taken into account. Modifying these factors to improve underlying physiology re-balances the body.

Interventions may include botanical and nutritional medicine, diet programs, exercise/movement programs, and lifestyle modifications such as stress reduction techniques, proper sleep hygiene, proper breathing techniques, environmental hygiene and toxin elimination. These interventions are what get people better and help them stay healthy.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with Jabe is approximately three and a half hours, to provide for the adequate assessment of your current health status, past medical history and to develop your treatment approach. Time will be taken to gather an understanding of all the different elements that define your health, and to give you some direction and clarity around what is going on with your health. The consultation will focus on your needs and concerns and take a unique and personalised approach to the development of your treatment plan.

We ask that you bring any relevant or recent blood work and pathology results, as well as details of prescribed medication and supplements (it’s easiest if you just bring them along). Given our service is about making sense of your health, the more information you can provide us with, the better we can help you. Functional pathology testing may be referred for if further information is needed.

Treatment plans ALWAYS involve change of some kind, most commonly a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, and nutritional and herbal supplements.

Health Coaching

During that initial session with your practitioner, Bee steps in so that by the conclusion of that initial session, all three parties are on the same page. From that point onwards, she will support you in any way deemed valuable. She will connect with you to answer any questions you may have, and provide any support you need to implement your treatment plan. Bee’s skill-set enables her to provide many different facets of support, inclusive of: dietary implementation advice and tips, lifestyle change support, accountability, emotional support, and sometimes a nudge, or well meaning kick in the bum.

The health coaching support you receive from Bee is ongoing in whatever manner best assists you. We find this support to be an integral part of the process of achieving significant health results with our patients; outcomes that far exceed those of standard practice. Access and support through health coaching is unlimited during your time working with us (as long as your most recent consultation with Jabe falls within the six month period – this is how we class an ‘active’ patient).

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations with Jabe are generally 35 minutes (please allow 45) – and consider the effectiveness of treatments underway, seek to gain further insight into the presenting condition, or explore other issues.

Follow Up Review Consultations

Part of what we do is review and assess your progress (and ours). At roughly the three month mark, we will arrange a review session. This is scheduled to last a full hour and will include the standard follow up consultation as well as Bee sitting in on the session and all parties going over progress, redefining health markers and ensuring that communication and progress is on track.

Remote Consultations

Phone consultations are available for people who are unable to make it to the clinic due to location, time constraints or illness. If required, supplements may be sent via post. When booking, please make sure to book a Remote Consultation and provide your phone number. We’ll take an initial consultation booking deposit when we follow up to welcome you to the practice.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Being a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) verifies Jabe’s credentials, and enables patients to claim health rebates on the spot with HICAPS for most healthcare providers (subject to the level of insurance cover).