Get your health back on track with Melbourne Functional Medicine’s cutting edge, personalised healthcare service

Are you struggling to find a solution to your chronic health issues like fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, autoimmunity, mood and hormonal imbalances?

Are you frustrated trying diets, supplements and strategies that aren’t improving your health?

Would you love to know what your body truly needs to get better, and be supported through your health journey?

If so, you’re in the right place.

You’ve researched and tried many different approaches, yet you’re still unable to get to the bottom of your health challenges and aren’t sure what to do next.

Health issues can be complex, and it can be difficult to know what direction to take. This is because your health picture is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another.

Your search for solutions can lead you down paths that don’t move the needle on your health. Or worse, move it in the wrong direction! This can leave you feeling even more frustrated and confused, making you fear that you’ll never get better, and that life will never be the same as when you were healthy.

And last but not least, when you’re feeling so unwell, it’s emotionally challenging to do it by yourself, let alone maintain the motivation to stick to a plan long enough to see results.

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, we’ll give you the clarity, direction and support you need – so you can feel happy and healthy again

We achieve real, lasting results for people like you with chronic health conditions, such as:

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Thyroid issues (e.g. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis)

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Anxiety, depression and brain fog

  • Autoimmunity (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis)

  • Chronic Pain (e.g. Fibromyalgia)

  • Digestive issues (e.g. IBS, SIBO, bloating)

  • Women’s health conditions (e.g. Endometriosis, PCOS)

  • Infertility

  • Cardiovascular conditions

  • Metabolic issues (e.g. Diabetes)

Our approach is what gets us rave reviews like these on Google.

Jabe, the principal practitioner, and Bee, a health coach, were both exceptionally experienced, helpful, kind, and generous. As a health practitioner myself (myotherapist and mindfulness coach) I am very picky about who I see.And as a new resident of Australia, Im having to build my well-being support team all over again. I have found this slow and frustrating as many practitioners are very hands-off and provide minimal necessary care and service.Jabe and Bee felt so right and are restoring my faith in genuine, whole hearted care providers again ♥ Besides being caring and generous, they are most importantly highly knowledgeable experts 👍
Nicole Casanova
Nicole Casanova
00:38 17 Sep 19
Started a journey with Jabe & Bee about 5 months ago. I presented a number of health issues that had become detrimental to my quality of life. Most of which I had been unsuccessfully trying to resolve through the standard medical channels. I''m pleased to say some of these issues have been completely resolved. The others have improved and it must be realised that problems that took years or months to create, cant be expected to be resolved overnight. There is no other service available that can give you such a holistic approach to improving your health plus with the knowledge and empathy Jabe and his team share gives you the trust and hope you need to move forward.
Logan Power
Logan Power
00:18 22 Aug 19
Highly recommended! I saw Jabe and Bee for about 8 months. Jabe offered and provided me with knowledge, assessments and interventions that helped me finally understand and manage health issues that I have struggled to deal with for more than 15 years. Bee gave me support, guidance, validation and warmth to make the changes meaningful. I am still benefiting from their knowledge and support 9 months on. Thanks Jabe and Bee
21:08 14 Aug 19
Jordan Amanda: I'm curious - did you have a consult or attend any appointments? I'd like to know if your review is completely unfounded and just you on a soapbox.
K Es
K Es
06:21 26 Mar 19
I have been seeing Jabe with regularity for some years now and he has had a profound impact on my health and wellbeing. His understanding of functional medicine is unparalleled - I am consistently floored by the breadth and depth of his knowledge on all matters 'human'. I have learnt much from our rambling discussions over the journey. I cannot recommend Jabe (and his team) highly enough.
02:23 05 Feb 19
Jabe is fantastic. I had ongoing issues with gut health and associated symptoms for a number of years. With Jabe's guidance and direction I have seen dramatic and what appear to be at this stage long lasting improvements.The important thing from my perspective was that Jabe was always focused on getting to the bottom of the issue; going through symptoms methodically; plotting out various courses of treatment; and providing providing contingeices in case certain approaches didn't work. This gave me confidence to continue sticking to the advice and plans. I never felt it wouldn't work.Jabe is consultative and takes time to understand your history, underlying issues, and practical ways of achieving long-term (and hopefully permanent) results.It is a two way street, so you need to be willing to actually do what you've agreed to with Jabe. But it is worth it in the long run.You may also find treatment more expensive compared with, say, seeing a GP and taking conventional medicine. But, again, it makes long run financial sense to resolve underlying issues rather than repeatedly treating symptoms possible for the rest of your life.Couldn't recommend highly enough. If you've had long term health issues that aren't getting better through conventional treatment it is well worth your time, effort, and money to see Jabe!Daniel Wild
daniel wild
daniel wild
05:21 23 Jan 19
Over the past couple of years I noticed health issues that were creeping in including weight gain and signs of chronic stress. Tried different things without seeing results and I also knew that going to a GP would not provide me with the holistic approach to achieve a life changing, healthy mind, body and spirit. This was the main reason we decided to see Jabe and Bee. It's definitely a process and it's not a pill. It's about having the right tools to explore and address the underlying issues that will improve health. Jabe is so experienced with these types of issues and he knows what work needs to be done to address health problems. Time spent with Bee provided the clearing needed to address those underlying emotional issues in a different light. Together they are an incredible team. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me and also for my hubby.
Elena Macri
Elena Macri
00:22 13 Dec 18
I have been working on my gut health, managing anxiety and overall wellbeing with Jabe and Bee for 2 months now. The improvements I have seen in the way I feel have been amazing. I am less fatigued, feel more in control of my anxiety and starting to see big improvements in my gut health. I would highly recommend a visit to see Jabe and Bee if you are in need of a long term lifestyle change!
Holly Brooks
Holly Brooks
05:51 11 Nov 18
Jabe & his team at Melbourne Functional Medicine are simply AMAZING. Having seen many healthcare practitioners over the years in attempts to get to the bottom of my issues, no one has ever delivered in the way Jabe has. Firstly, I have never seen a structured health care program like the one Jabe has designed. The very focus of Jabe & his team is YOU & all that makes you wonderfully unique, Jabe works collaboratively with you to custom design a plan, to create a framework & provides a solid foundation of support that sets you up for success from the very beginning. If your intention is to truly heal - Jabe & Bee are definitely two people you want in your corner. I have honestly in the 10 years I have spent trying to understand what was going on in my body, never encountered a health practitioner with Jabe's level of expertise (& believe me - I have seen many) the amount of readily available knowledge that this man has in his field is mind blowing, coupled with an approach that is genuine, offering an authentic high level of care, this is a program where you matter - from my first appointment I felt heard & seen in all of my concerns & was not only impressed but also comforted by the way Jabe took his time to methodically unpack all that I shared & began to join the dots.... Jabe & Bee create a space that see your wins genuinely celebrated, while you are also held & supported through your challenges. I have only been working with Jabe two months & I have followed his direction unequivocally & I am now reaping the rewards in more ways than I could have ever thought possible. You won't get stuck on swings & roundabouts here, just a superhighway to a happier healthier you. I cannot recommend Jabe highly enough! It is absolutely worth the investment...
Ami Besson
Ami Besson
03:48 12 Sep 18
I have been seeing Jabe and Bee for 8 months. They have helped me make positive changes that has helped me with stomach issues which I have had for a very long time. They have given me knowledge to understand the way my body works. Highly Recommend!
Tracey Curmi
Tracey Curmi
06:22 25 Jul 18
I started seeing Jabe very late in 2017 for a high cholesterol issue and a desire to change my lifestyle to prevent Alzheimer's disease (in my family). Jabe is very thorough and he is not cheap. However he did find some issues that many GPs had missed or dismissed. The result was after 4 months of following his plan I had lowered my cholesterol from 8.1 to 6.1. My GP was amazed that I had achieved this through diet and excercise alone. I highly recommend Jabe if you have health issues.
Tanya Lyon Barnett
Tanya Lyon Barnett
03:23 23 Jul 18
I have suffered with psoriasis for years and after a big flare up I turned to Jabe for help after reading good things about him online. Jabe is very methodical and logical in his approach and helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out my personal triggers for this complicated disorder. Bee, the health coach was also a big help for support and accountability. It took a while but finally my skin has been completely clear for around 4 or 5 months and even though psoriasis is chronic and impossible to cure, I feel like I am more equipped to knowing how to clear it up or prevent big flare ups thanks to Jabe and Bee. Highly recommend!!
Danielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks
11:56 23 Apr 18
Jabe brown understands how the body works and incorporates lifestyle changes amongst other treatments to improve your health. If you have tried western medicine and have not seen improvements then I highly recommend seeking Jabe's expertise. Bee who is the health coach will help you with incorporating these lifestyle changes Jabe has recommend by strategizing and supporting you while making you feel somewhat accountable when you don't follow through with things which is the extra push you need to permanently make a change for the better.
Richard Chhuon
Richard Chhuon
20:55 15 Feb 18
Jabe is one incredible naturopath!! If you want to get down to the root and cause of your illness or disease and get it treated instead of just masking the symptoms, then i highly reccomend you give him a visit. His knowledge and wisdom is second to none. Coupled with his kindness, great personality and he is also funny and makes you feel comfortable. He is patient and makes sure to address all you are there to talk about. You will get the complete package!! Thanks Jabe for all your help with my health concerns 🙂
Stephanie Creaco
Stephanie Creaco
22:19 05 Feb 18
Jabe is very knowledgeable and has improved my health immensely. Highly recommend
Dermott Smythe
Dermott Smythe
06:13 22 Jan 18
I came to see Jabe and Bee 3 months ago about my chronic fatigue. I have had CFS for 6+ years and have seen many specialist's but no one as persistent and eager to help me as them. My first appointment with Jabe i knew he was going to be great and i was in good hands. He is so knowledgeable and i 100% believe with his holistic approach.It is a massive relief to no longer have to battle this alone. Going through health changes is overwhelming to say the least but working with Jabe and Bee i do not feel like this at all. I speak to Bee weekly and because of this guidance i am seeing daily improvements with all aspects of my life. Bee is an amazing coach and a genuine caring person and every time we talk I uncover something new about myself. I am not where i want to be yet but i can confidently say i am on the right path with these 2 amazing people helping me every step of the way.Brendan
Brendan Humar
Brendan Humar
23:07 25 Dec 17
Rheumatoid Arthritis? Crohn's? Deteriorating health? Fatigue? Having battled with these illnesses all my teenage years, I sought help from every doctor possible. I wish I had have found Jabe sooner. After being convinced to go see him (very apprehensively at first, I admit) it turned out to be the turning point in my life. Thanks to Jabe, I live a relatively pain free life, but most importantly, he has empowered me with the ability and knowledge of how to control and manage my illnesses. Stop considering, and make an appointment today!
Richard M
Richard M
01:08 27 Sep 17
Jabe set me on track to take control of my own health. He gave me the tools and knowledge and confidence to understand what was happening in my body and make changes for better health. Would recommend him to anyone who is serious about living in optimum health.
Jennifer Gregory
Jennifer Gregory
01:40 13 Jul 17
This is a bit long...but I want to tell it…read it if you have been sick for a long time and just aren’t getting any better! I had been seeking treatment for some time before I met with Jabe. The onset of my illness coincided with working with lead paint and I had come down with a debilitating headache which continued day and night. Even now, I’m not sure if paints and chemicals were the factor to kick off the illness, but the symptoms were real: continuous head pain and loss of a good deal of mental acuity (brain fog).Finally, a neurologist read the condition as 'New Daily Persistent Headache' (an auto-immune illness). The prescribed medications made things worse and he advised me to discontinue them. The condition returned and the brain fog deepened. I did my own research - a lot of research. I found out about evidence-based functional approaches which link auto-immune illnesses to deficiencies in nutrition, genetic dispositions and to environmental factors. 'Functional medicine' has momentum in the US, but there are still comparatively few practitioners in Australia. After two months of following Jabe's program of supplements and advice, I am now free of the headaches and the brain fog has lifted. I feel very grateful to Jabe for his competence but also for his genuine interest in understanding all aspects of my health. In my case, his approach was not just to prescribe supplements but to set daily actions which involve you in supporting your own recovery. This is my kind of program! A lesson? Find a skilled naturopath like Jabe, commit yourself to getting better and maintain your health with informed guidance. Do these things, and there's a good chance recovery will be yours.
Gareth James
Gareth James
07:19 10 May 17
I have been very impressed with Jabe's methodical and we'll informed approach to tackling my long standing gut issues. He has a great knowledge of physiological processes, and bases his interventions on this, with the aim of long term health. Highly recommended.
03:30 31 Mar 17
My experience with Jabe and Bee have been excellent. They are well researched and offer the most tailored and nourishing support. They are also supportive every step of the way and and go above and beyond to ensure your health program is working for you with the highest results. I would highly recommend paying them a visit!
Mon Henry
Mon Henry
05:54 12 Feb 17
I have been working closely with Bee on resolving a lifetime of health issues. After finding out I have an intolerance to a number of food groups including gluten and dairy, Bee has coached and guided me into improving just about everything in my life. I am now symptom free, my skin is glowing, I have lost a bunch of weight and I have gained a new outlook on the importance of staying healthy... I HIGHLY recommend 🙂
Alicia Fayle
Alicia Fayle
23:58 22 Dec 16
I have been struggling with ill health for the last few years, and have tried working with quite a few health professionals with no luck and no real support till I started seeing Jabe. In the three months since working with him, my overall health has improved greatly, including better energy levels, better eating habits, much better digestion and feeling much better informed and supported to make much better lifestyle decisions around stress management. His explanations are accessible and show considerable passion for addressing health holistically. He talks with you to find manageable and sustainable solutions aimed at long term health and well being. And he has a great sense of humour! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking holistic health and wellbeing support.
Caitlin McGrath
Caitlin McGrath
05:59 20 Dec 16

Already know we’re right for you? Let’s get your health back on track!

Want to know more? Keep reading.

We collaborate with you to get results

Our model of healthcare unites three experts in a therapeutic partnership to help you achieve better health: your functional medicine practitioner, your health coach, and YOU.

MFM model of healthcare

In our signature six-month program, you’ll have a dedicated Functional Medicine practitioner and health coach working closely with you to help you restore your health and well-being.

We’ll provide you with a personalised, evidence-based health plan while giving you all the support you need, when you need it, so you can be your healthiest self.

Yes, that means you can pick up the phone and we’ll be there to answer your questions and help you move forward!

1. Your Functional Medicine Practitioner…

Functional Medicine is a personalised, evidence-based approach to healthcare with the aim of resolving the underlying cause of health issues to bring the body back into balance.

Functional Medicine takes a holistic view of your health by recognising the delicate interplay between body systems, genetics, and your diet, lifestyle and environment. Alongside an in-depth four-hour initial health assessment where all these aspects are explored, we use functional pathology testing and at-home experiments to determine underlying factors that may be causing or contributing to health issues.

When you find and address the root cause of a health issue, your body can swing back into balance to restore your health.

So your practitioner’s main objective, rather than to simply focus on your symptoms, is to understand you and your unique health situation.  What brought you here? Why are you presenting with the health challenges you face? The insights you deliver on your health history and throughout your time together are key to your healing process.

Your practitioner will share in simple terms what your symptoms mean, so you can understand what’s going on in your body, and why. We want you to leave each session with all your questions answered, replacing confusion, fear and worry with clarity and confidence.

Functional Medicine Tree

Jabe Brown

Principal Functional Medicine Practitioner

Jabe holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Masters in Science, Human Nutrition, and Functional Medicine.

His special areas of interest are in treating complex conditions of the gut, fatigue and adrenal conditions, autoimmunity, and health optimisation.

Jabe will work alongside you to pinpoint the underlying cause of your health issues and help you discover what works for you and your body, so you can be as healthy as possible.

While the wealth of knowledge and direction you’ll get from your practitioner is invaluable, so are the contributions made by each ‘expert’ in your team.

2. Your Health Coach…

Change can be difficult, so we provide an extraordinary amount of support to you in the form of health coaching.

Your health coach is there to give you the support you need, when you need it, whether that’s prioritising the steps to take in your treatment plan, or overcoming challenges that get in the way of your success – making your journey more seamless and enjoyable.

Your health coach won’t just help you achieve your goals much quicker and easier than you would alone. Your close interactions with them can reveal valuable insights that inform your treatment plan to further improve your health outcomes.

After each consultation with your practitioner, your health coach will be there to answer any questions, ensuring you can implement your plan with clarity and ease.

If you have any questions or face any roadblocks once you leave the clinic, simply contact your health coach and they’ll be there to help you move forward.

Bee Pennington

Principal Health Coach

At age, 33 Bee was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune disease.

This sparked a real passion in Bee to discover how to recover her health, which led her to study clinical nutrition, holistic lifestyle coaching and personal training, and become a published author on gluten-free living.

Your life will be so much better with Bee in your corner as your health coach (this is what our patients say all the time!). Bee will give you all the support, guidance and resources you need to achieve your health goals (and so much more).

3. You

No one knows your body better than you do.

It may not feel like it now, as you might be confused or overwhelmed, but no one has lived in your body and can share the insights you can.

This is why you’re one of the experts in our therapeutic team.

Your collaboration with your healthcare team will reveal insights into you and your unique health picture, to create a personalised experience that gives you the best possible outcomes.

And the best part?

You’ll finally understand what your body is telling you, and what works best for you so can start feeling healthy again!

Let’s end the confusion and frustration.

You needn’t waste more time and money on approaches that don’t work.

If you’re tired of feeling unwell, and sick of your days being unpredictable when it comes to your health, let us help.

We’ll give you a fresh perspective on your health and a clear direction that’s evidence-based and personalised to you (and only you).

Start feeling like YOU again!

We’d love to help you get back to living life – without worrying about your health all the time – so you can enjoy activities you love with your family and friends, perform better at work, and feel happier and healthier in your body.

Your investment for our six-month program is $3800* which includes:

  • UNLIMITED appointments with your functional medicine practitioner – to direct your therapeutic plan
  • UNLIMITED support from your health coach – to action your plan with clarity and ease
  • All the resources you need: meal plans/recipes, instructional videos and handouts etc.
  • And of course, you feeling healthy and at home in your body!

We have a six-month interest-free payment solution through ZipMoney available.

*Any supplements and functional pathology testing needed to facilitate your therapeutic journey with us are additional.

Courtney, our Customer Happiness Manager

Our Guarantee / Promise

We know this may be a big scary investment, and we want to make sure you feel confident and safe in moving forward with us. If after your initial four-hour consultation with your practitioner, you don’t feel confident that we’re the right fit for you, we’ll refund your investment (less your 10% deposit – $380).

Start your journey with us today.

Want to make sure we’re right for you?

Having a successful therapeutic partnership is like finding a good pair of shoes. You want them to fit perfectly. So let’s make sure we’re the right fit for each other. Give us a call!

1300 614 814


What happens in the initial four-hour consultation?

Your practitioner will play the role of detective, and alongside you, will explore all facets of your health, from birth onwards, to solve your health puzzle together. This involves going through each body system methodically as well as genetic, lifestyle and environmental elements to uncover potential underlying factors that could be causing or contributing to your main health complaint.

As a patient, you’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you like during this session. It’s your time to offload all the thoughts, questions, stress, fear and worry and for us to help you make sense of your health picture so you can understand what’s going on in your body and why.

Your practitioner will give you simple explanations of how your body works – no overwhelm or technical jargon. They’ll use metaphors and stories to take what can be complex and make it simple enough for you to understand.

Throughout the session, your practitioner will create a list of what you want to achieve with your health to measure against during your time together.

Towards the end of the session, you and your practitioner will formulate a health plan. Next, your health coach will enter the session so you can relay all your insights about what’s going on in your body and the plan of action you’ve agreed with your practitioner.

You’ll leave this session with a sense of relief, while understanding what’s going on in your health and why, and hopefully a little excited about the possibilities of having your health back in your hands! You may feel a little overwhelmed at this stage, which is natural. But don’t worry, your health coach is there to support you through it all.

Your coach will organise any supplements and testing and will schedule your first coaching appointment so you can work out how to implement the steps in your action plan with ease.

How long is each follow up session with my practitioner?

Follow up consultations are generally 30-45 min – and consider the effectiveness of treatments underway, seek to gain further insight into the presenting condition, or explore other issues.

How long is each session with my health coach?

How long you need will change dramatically depending on how you are doing! Your needs will change, and so will the amount of support we give. When you need it, we’ll be there.

For maintenance, sessions are typically a weekly 15 – 30-minute call along with more frequent contact via email, text or Nudge, a health tracking app that helps you keep track of the steps you need to take in your health plan. Your health coach will be in regular contact via the communication streams that work best for you, and give you as much support as you need to achieve your goals!

Do I really need to make changes?

Often symptoms are a sign that your diet and lifestyle are going against what your body needs to stay healthy. We teach you how to live in congruency with your body so you can have the best health possible.

So, while we won’t say you ‘need’ to do certain things, we do expect and encourage you to explore and find out what is right for you. And of course, this involves looking at your diet, lifestyle and other factors.

However, once you discover what works for you, and what makes you feel crap, you’ll get a new perspective on your diet, lifestyle and health, and any change will be a gift rather than a hindrance as you’ll feel so much better because of it.

What sort of tests will need to be done?

We take a scientific approach in determining the underlying factors that are contributing to your health issues. This means we create and test hypotheses, gathering objective and subjective data to determine what your body needs to be healthy again. This approach involves undertaking functional pathology testing from labs as well as experiments for you to try at home, like monitoring your blood glucose levels or exploring how your body reacts to certain foods or substances like coffee.

We don’t always need functional pathology testing, though when we do we have access to the world’s leading laboratories to help us create the most accurate picture of your current health. Labs we use are:

  • Precision Analytical
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • KBMO
  • NutriPath
  • Metametrix
  • Great Plains Laboratory
  • Bioceuticals for DNA testing

Many of these labs are overseas, so test results can take a few weeks to come back.

Why aren't the labs covered by Medicare? And why can't my doctor order these tests?

The tests we order are very different from the conventional testing you’ve no doubt experienced and found to be unhelpful before arriving here.

Functional pathology testing helps determine how certain pathways or systems in your body are functioning in a much more thorough way than conventional tests, to identify where imbalances are that need to be addressed. The conventional tests that your doctor orders typically look for disease states within a limited set of parameters and markers. Functional pathology testing can identify pre-disease states and also look at other determining factors that contribute to chronic diseases. Hence, your GP isn’t typically trained in this type of testing or approach to healthcare.

To learn about and interpret the latest in testing takes years of functional medicine training, and is a process of constant education updates as the latest scientific insights occur. Unfortunately, GP or not, Medicare only pays for tests that are standard, conventional medical tests.

Given these labs are privately billed, we try to balance the need for information with the need to look after your pocketbook. Hence the amount of lab testing we do can vary dramatically by individual situation. That said, we do find that when we ask a patient to invest in functional testing, the cost is worth its investment when we uncover insights that lead to their recovery.

Why is the program for six months? I think I might need longer...

It’s true that some patients do need longer, typically because their cases are more complex, or they’ve had their health challenges for some time. We want to make sure you get all the support you need, for as long as you need, so after your initial six months with us, you stay a part of our tribe, and pay just for sessions with your functional medicine practitioner – $168. We’ll keep the health coaching going for as long as you are active with us.

I've been to so many practitioners and specialists... will this program really work for me?

Many of our past patients have asked the same question, and we understand why. This is because very few healthcare practitioners have as broad a knowledge base, methodical approach and support as our model of healthcare provides. Our program is based on taking a holistic, evidence-based approach to your health. While we can never guarantee results, we can guarantee that we have the best model of healthcare the world has to offer for those with chronic health issues.

We believe with us, you have the best chance at getting to the root of your health issues, though of course it isn’t just up to us and our approach – you have to be open and willing to do what’s required of you to get your health back, which usually involves exploration (to uncover the root cause of your health issues), dietary and lifestyle modifications and taking supplements.

Remember that we have a guarantee: if after your first consultation you don’t feel we’re a fit for you and that we haven’t provided you value, we’ll happily return your investment (minus the $600 deposit).

Do you work with children?

Yes! We love empowering kids and teens to resolve their health concerns and develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits so they can go into adulthood with the best health possible to live a long, healthy life.

What other out of pocket expenses can I expect?

All the contact with your practitioner and health coach are included in our program fee. The other costs you can potentially expect are for laboratory tests and supplements. We will give you a quote for these when you discuss them with your practitioner in your session.

Is there a payment plan?

For our six-month program, we offer a six-month interest-free payment plan through Zip Money.

Simply click here to learn more and apply.

Can I get any health rebates by my insurance provider for this program?

Unfortunately, as of April 1st 2019 most private health insurers no longer offer rebates for our services.

Please check with your health insurance provider as to whether you are covered. Functional Medicine is not as yet recognised in Australia. You will be billed as for ‘Naturopathy’, which is code ‘107’ for an initial consult and a ‘207’ for a follow-up consult.

If you are covered, we have a HICAPS facility on-site, which you can claim your private health insurance rebate from, on the spot.

What are the clinic hours?

Our clinic hours are:

10am – 6pm Mondays
11am – 8pm Wednesdays
10am – 6pm Thursdays

However you can reach us outside of those hours via phone or email.

Where is the clinic located?

We’re located at 81 Raglan Street, Port Melbourne.

Are there parking facilities?

There’s ample free parking available around our clinic. Four-hour parking is available on Nott Street and Princes Street. Please be mindful of permit areas.

I live interstate, overseas or unable to make it to clinic because of my illness. Do you work remotely?

Yes. Phone or online consultations are available for patients who are unable to make it to the clinic due to location, time constraints or illness. All you’ll need to do is let us know, and we’ll direct you to our Remote Consulting booking link once we’ve signed you up to our program.

Don’t spend one more day feeling unwell.

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