Meet Char

FMCHC, Dip. Health Science

Char is a certified functional medicine health coach who is passionate about helping people along the path of healing by providing a safe and supportive space to explore meaningful and lasting change.

Faced with a child who had a mystery illness for years before being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Char began her journey into studying nutrition and functional medicine.

Char has real-world experience using functional medicine to treat her son and has firsthand experience in how challenging and empowering it can be to implement change and see the results.

‘My son has repeatedly baffled his doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital with his state of health given the severity of his disease. Through applying the principles of functional medicine and health coaching, he understands that his choices affect his health outcomes and lives a mostly symptom & medication-free life.’

Char is currently studying Clinical Nutrition at Torrens University.

Her passion for the well-being of others extends to animals, too. Char used to be a vet nurse and owns two massive Great Danes - one weighs 75kg! She also volunteers for Great Dane Rescue Victoria.

Ready to feel good with functional medicine?

Char and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

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