Meet Greta

Greta has been a smiling face at Melbourne Functional Medicine since 2021. As an integral part of the clinic support team, you may first encounter Greta on the phone with your first enquiry or discovery call, or as she welcomes you into the clinic. Greta is also the person who will be posting your supplements and other goodies, replying to any emails, and polishing the clinic space to make it sparkly and clean. She really enjoys being in a supportive role, and being part of a team that provides support for others, and her warm and caring nature comes across easily. Together, Greta and Courtney make sure that your every encounter with us is welcoming, easy and smooth.

Greta moved from Canberra to Melbourne to study Naturopathy in 2014, and is currently in her final year of a 4 year degree, currently completing her clinical practicum subjects. While studying, Greta had been managing health food stores around Melbourne, which gave her a great insight into helping people and supporting staff. She now brings this experience to our clinic.

"Being part of the clinic support team is an amazing learning experience, and I feel so excited being around the people that we get to see every day, and learning from the best of the best."

When she is not working or studying, Greta can be found hanging out with her partner and little Jacoodle 'Bessie’. She loves all kinds of yoga and baking, and has recently discovered pottery - using hand-building as a new kind of moving meditation.

Ready to feel good with functional medicine?

Greta and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

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