Meet Vicki

AFMCP, BHSc Naturopathy, Grad. Cert in Evidence-based Complementary Medicine

After graduating from Naturopathy in 2008, Vicki moved straight into private practice, helping people with a range of health issues, with a strong focus on treating people experiencing chronic stress, anxiety, thyroid dysfunction and menopause symptoms. Her naturally collaborative, down to earth nature makes her a caring and gentle practitioner.

Wanting to inspire and support students through their naturopathy and nutrition studies, she also lectured at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Vicki loves the continuous learning that comes with the profession and has completed post-graduate studies in Evidence-Based Complementary medicine and Functional Medicine. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her learnings and being the voice of reason in a noisy world of misinformation for patients who want clarity and direction on their health.

"What gets me up in the morning (apart from Nick Cave songs, and dark chocolate!) is the beauty of natural health and healthy living. The combination of technical investigation and common-sense lifestyle changes can make for profound healing. It’s an honour to share important health information with people."
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