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We provide healthcare to people in Adelaide through our comprehensive, person-centred, evidence-based program that empowers you to reach your health goals.

If you're searching for a functional medicine practitioner with a reputation for helping people to reach their health goals, look no further than Melbourne Functional Medicine. We help people in Adelaide using our integrative approach that combines the latest functional medicine tools and insights with outcome-focused health coaching in our revolutionary six-month healthcare program. It’s healthcare, done better. And it works.

Results-focused functional medicine Adelaide

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult
4-hour initial consult

Getting a deep understanding of your health and family history is vital to identify and address the root cause, or causes, of your health concerns. In this 4 hour consultation, your functional medicine practitioner will ask you lots of questions about you and your health history, diet, lifestyle, environment factors and more.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support
6-months high contact support

It will take commitment and time to see improvements in your health. To support you in doing this, you will have uncapped access to your functional medicine practitioner for the 6-month duration of the program. You’ll also have the ongoing support of your health coach to help you overcome challenges that come with getting well again.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing
Functional pathology testing

Comprehensive testing is one of the ways your functional medicine practitioner will investigate the root cause of your health condition. Using the world’s best pathology labs, we can test for factors such as microbiome health, nutritional status, pathogens, toxins, hormones and more.

Functional Medicine in Adelaide - better healthcare for chronic conditions

We offer telehealth throughout Adelaide and Australia. This option affords you greater access to resources, more time and saves you money and the stress of travelling to and from your appointments. Our functional medicine practitioners can help with a range of chronic health issues from women’s health conditions to autoimmunity, and conditions of the heart, skin, and digestive system.

If you’re seeking answers to your health concerns, the investigative and comprehensive approach of functional medicine will help you find them. 

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Quality healthcare delivered differently - functional medicine Adelaide

Melbourne Functional Medicine consistently receives 5-star reviews on Google because of our revolutionary approach to healthcare, which is the reason we’re considered a leading provider of functional medicine in Adelaide. You too, can achieve life changing results that improve your health and your quality of life.

Personalised healthcare delivered in Adelaide

A tailored health plan, just for you

When it comes to understanding your health picture, our deeply investigative and holistic approach views your body as a web of systems rather than separate systems. Identifying triggers and resolving the root causes of your symptoms is key to solving chronic disease.

Together, we’ll explore possible contributing factors considering your health history, lifestyle, environment, genetics, and more before developing and implementing a personalised treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your condition. This personalised plan directed by your practitioner, with the support of your health coach, will help you to attain habit and lifestyle changes for long-lasting results.

Look forward to feeling good again.

Giving you the support you need

Our approach is designed to provide you with the support you need to reach your health goals. This is healthcare, done better.

When your functional medicine practitioner and your health coach work closely with you to achieve a shared goal - getting well - you are far more likely to succeed. 

While your practitioner leads your treatment, your health coach will support you to stay on track, accountable and motivated to achieve your health goals. It’s a successful formula. And it’s what distinguishes us from other healthcare providers.


Functional medicine Australia - What is it, and how is it changing healthcare in Adelaide?

Functional medicine helps people with chronic health issues get better again by identifying and resolving the root causes of their health issues. Functional medicine takes a holistic overview of a person's health, factoring in their diet, lifestyle and environment to understand what's going on in their body, and why.

While conventional healthcare splits the body up into systems, with specialist practitioners specialising in each system, functional medicine practitioners have a broad understanding of the body, and how each body system interacts with the other systems. This means that patients who have complex health problems can be assessed by a functional medicine practitioner, who can put together all the pieces of their health picture, and make sense of it all.

Functional medicine Adelaide - What's the difference to conventional medicine?

Often, looking at simply addressing the symptoms of a health problem isn't enough to solve a problem. A good way to understand the difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine is to imagine the body as a system of complex, interconnected pathways, like everything within the structure of a building, including plumbing, lighting, electricity, walls and so on. In this building, the electricity on the first floor stops working.

In a conventional medicine setting, a practitioner would only look at what's happening on level 1 (the symptom). He would try to patch the electrics as best he could, and wouldn't be able to offer any other solution.

In functional medicine, a functional medicine practitioner would look both upstream and downstream to determine where the problem was coming from, and consider what other factors might be contributing to the problem. So beyond just looking at the electrics on level 1, they'd look at the electrics on other levels, and explore what else could be causing the issue. Upon investigation, they discover a small leak in one of the rooms that entered a crack in a wall that shorted out some loose wires. Once they solve the leak, replace some wiring and fix the crack in the wall, the electrical problem resolves for good.

To find out more, visit What is Functional Medicine?

How do I work with your functional medicine practitioners?

Our functional medicine practitioners Jabe Brown and Rebecca Hughes have over thirty combined years of clinical experience in helping people with chronic health issues.

Many Australians come to see Jabe and Rebecca with complex health conditions. They've seen specialist after specialist, and because they have a range of complex symptoms, they're not sure who the best specialist is to see.

Jabe and Rebecca can help treat a range of conditions, from autoimmunity, digestive disorders, women's health issues and skin conditions.

Find out more about Jabe here.

Find out more about Rebecca here.

Why does Adelaide need functional medicine?

Did you know that in Australia, almost half the population lives with a chronic disease that is largely preventable, even reversible? The problem with healthcare in Australia is that the system was designed for acute conditions, like accidents and emergencies, rather than chronic health conditions. Applying an acute model of healthcare to chronic health conditions doesn't seek to solve a person's health condition - only manage it.

The latest scientific understandings of chronic disease reveal that all chronic diseases are caused by dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors. The good news for Australians is that the way to improve your health is through modifying their diet, lifestyle and environment. This understanding underpins the functional medicine approach and is a big focus in treatment, rather than resorting to drugs and surgery. Find out more about functional medicine here.

Who is Melbourne Functional Medicine?

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, our mission is to provide a world class healthcare experience across Australia via in person consultations and telehealth. We service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and regional Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

In our healthcare program, you'll work alongside a functional medicine practitioner and a health coach so you can get better. Your functional medicine practitioner will play detective to solve your case, and your health coach will help you implement your personalised plan with ease. To find out what past patients have said about working with us, visit our Success Stories page.

To learn more about the personalised, tailor-made programs on offer at Melbourne Functional Medicine, find out about our program, then get in touch to speak with us today.

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