Meet Jessica

Cert. 3 Wellness Coaching, Dip. Human Nutrition

Jessica’s journey into the health industry started in her late 20s, when she experienced digestive, weight and mental health challenges. After solving her health problems through nutrition and lifestyle practices like exercise and mindfulness, a drive to help others reclaim their health was born.

Jessica dove into studying health, earning a Diploma in Human Nutrition and a Certification in Wellness Coaching. Being a life-long lover of food, she now enjoys guiding and empowering people to improve their health while sharing her passion for food!

Jessica has an intimate understanding of mental health and wellness in particular. Not only from her personal experience - she grew up with a family member with a severe mental illness that impacted her in many ways. She also saw how diet, lifestyle and mindfulness practices transformed her family member’s health, changing the outcome of their diagnosis. This was in the 80s and 90s, long before the scientific links between lifestyle and mental illness were even considered.

‘My greatest passion in health is helping people develop an improved sense of calm, resilience and self-awareness about the elements of their health that are going to serve them best. I know from my life experiences how important it is to feel empowered, connected and in-control of your health and I truly believe that is exactly what working with a health coach has to offer.’
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