Leo Pruimboom writes on resoleomics in his article entitled: ‘The evolutionary origins of inflammation’, which I summarise here:

What is resoleomics?

Resoleomics is the body’s response to potential or actual damage, inclusive of injuries, pathogenic exposure, and oxygen deficit. The physiological response includes the primary inflammatory production of substances, which, in turn, triggers the production of substances that stop this same process. The modern man has evolved such that many of the traditional threats to life have been solved through natural selection. Resoleomics is, therefore, a genetic and epigenetic process for circumstances that mostly no longer exist today.

In chronic disease, the inflammatory response appears to proceed pathologically, but could it be that the real problem is simply, that the inflammatory response doesn’t end? The lifestyle and environmental conditions of the collective modern warrior result in a disturbance in resoleomics due to the central stress axis’ being permanently active, though the likes of inadequate physical activity, un-moderated and excessively frequent intake of food (often of an aberrant type), mobile phones, medications, alcohol, smoke, etc. and individualism. Pruimboom suggests that, in order for the inflammatory response to proceed smoothly, humans should exercise more, eat less often, and different foods, as well as building up an extensive social network.

One thought point I took from this, which I would encourage you to ponder for a while was: individualism as a source of stress. Think about that.

It certainly seems that many of us go to insanely extraordinary lengths to maintain an image of identity as someone noteworthy and different. What if it was okay to ‘own’ who you are, and who you are not. Embrace and accept yourself and shrug off a massive load of stress. It could save your life.

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