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Looking for Functional Medicine or Naturopathy close to Middle Park, Melbourne? Our Naturopaths are trained in Functional Medicine, a comprehensive, thorough approach that aims to identify the root cause of your health concern and bring your body back into balance for long lasting health.

Our Naturopaths specialise in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), skin conditions, women’s health, and digestive conditions. Consulting from South Melbourne, Melbourne Functional Medicine is easy to reach for those who live or work in Middle Park, Melbourne.

The functional medicine difference

Functional Medicine in Middle Park

Functional Medicine is in its infancy in Australia, but functional medicine is the evolution of traditional healthcare: a scientific and evidence-based approach to health.

Understanding an individual as more than the systems of the body, but rather as a whole person with many interrelating web-like connections. The skill involved is for the practitioner to understand how it all fits together for that particular individual, so that the health challenges can be solved.

The Naturopaths at Melbourne Functional Medicine excel at this, and our 6-month program gives you the opportunity to work with a functional medicine naturopath and health coach to achieve your health goals. Here’s what is included:

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult

4-hour initial consult

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of you and your health condition takes time.

Your Functional Medicine Naturopath will ask you a lot of questions in your 4-hour consultation to explore possible root causes and contributing factors. They will ask you about your diet, your environmental exposures, your stress levels, your genetics and more.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support

6-months high contact support

We understand how stressful making lifestyle changes can be, and with this in mind, we have created a program that gives you uncapped access to your practitioner during those crucial first 6-months to help guide you back to optimal health.

You will also have as much support as you need from your personal health coach.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing

Functional pathology testing

In order to get a deeper understanding of your health condition, your practitioner will use the latest in diagnostic tests, performed in world-class pathology labs.

These comprehensive tests will give your practitioner further insights to any imbalances and help them to develop a targeted treatment plan.

Digestive health, autoimmunity, skin health, heart health, IBS Treatment Middle Park

Our Functional Medicine Naturopaths in Middle Park can help with a range of chronic health conditions.

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Our unique program achieves incredible results for patients with a range of conditions. See what they say about their experience with Melbourne Functional Medicine below.


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Our team of Functional Medicine Naturopaths and Health Coaches near Middle Park adopt an evidence-based, holistic and investigative approach to get a deeper understanding of your health picture and the root cause of your symptoms. Our healthcare model is informed by practices in Functional Medicine which looks at you as a whole person to identify and address the triggers and root causes associated with your condition and solve your chronic health issues for good.

We serve patients from across all of Melbourne, from suburbs such as Middle Park, in our South Melbourne clinic.

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