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At Melbourne Functional Medicine, we help people in Richmond and across Melbourne get results. Our experienced Naturopaths are trained in Functional Medicine, a highly investigative, evidenced-based approach to healthcare designed to solve your chronic health issues, so lasting health can be yours.

Our naturopaths are dedicated to clinical excellence in the field of health and wellbeing, and as such, undertake the latest training to bring you the best results. This is why our naturopaths are trained in functional medicine.

Functional Medicine is the evolution of Naturopathy, combining the principles of Naturopathy with the latest scientific insights and world-class clinical tools to deliver cutting-edge, personalised healthcare.

The functional medicine difference

Functional medicine Richmond

Handing the power back to you, Functional Medicine in Richmond combines evidence-based treatments with a comprehensive approach to identify and address imbalances in your body.

Our unique healthcare model combines a Practitioner’s experience in Functional Medicine and Naturopathy with the practical, ongoing support of a health coach, providing the most comprehensive Functional Medicine or Naturopath treatments Richmond has to offer.

In our award-winning healthcare program, we’ll spend 6-months giving you all the support you need to get better. You’ll get:

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult

4-hour initial consult

Your health picture, lifestyle, genetics, diet, environment, life-stress, and so on are all unique.

We need to deeply understand you before we can help you. This is why your functional medicine practitioner will spend four hours with you in your initial consult.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support

6-months high contact support

Healing takes time. And we’ll be there with you while you do it.

You get as many sessions with your functional medicine practitioner as you need AND ongoing results-focused health coaching for six months.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing

Functional pathology testing

We prefer testing to guessing, and use the best labs in the world.

We test for pathogens, nutritional status, food reactivity, hormones, cardiovascular markers, heavy metals, environmental toxins, DNA wellbeing, and more.

Digestive health, thyroid, skin health, women’s health, IBS Treatment Richmond

Our Functional Medicine Naturopaths in Richmond can help with a range of chronic health conditions.

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Naturopathic medicine Richmond

Our unique program achieves incredible results for patients with a range of conditions. See what they say about their experience with Melbourne Functional Medicine below.


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Examining the complex interrelationships that affect your health, the health care team can work with you to restore your health and resolve the symptoms that have been affecting your day-to-day living for far too long. For a comprehensive approach to Naturopathic Medicine, Richmond patients should partner with Melbourne Functional Medicine. We are proud to do things differently, and our results speak for themselves. Melbourne Functional Medicine is located nearby Richmond, with a clinic on Buckhurst Street in South Melbourne.

We serve patients from across all of Melbourne, from suburbs such as Richmond, in our South Melbourne clinic.

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